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Each community to the north of Chicago has its own distinctive flavor.

Tree-lined streets, large stately mansions, manicured lawns, charming town squares and beautiful, clean beaches are found throughout the area, giving each community a homey feel. The public services, forest preserves and libraries are all excellent. The school system, however, is what attracts many of the residents. Among the best in the country, the public schools are academically strong and well funded.

For more information, visit the City of Chicago website or the Chicago North Shore website. If you are looking for information on schools in the area.

Deerfield, Illinois

21 miles north of the Loop, Deerfield is an upscale, family-oriented community where quiet residential areas mingle with a vibrant, prosperous business district. Home to the Chicago Bulls practice center, Deerfield has taken advantage of the Lake Cook and Waukegan business corridors where several large corporations are headquartered. The public library is among the finest in the area. The Park District consists of 20 beautiful parks plus a 131-acre golf course. A year ’round recreation program is provided for residents and through a unique system of Park-School cooperation, they’ve developed a program of mutual cooperation to the benefit of all the residents. Its hometown feel, stable tax base and proximity to transportation make it a great choice for many families and singles.

Evanston, Illinois

11 miles from downtown, Evanston is one of the most culturally diverse communities on the North Shore. It has everything a city or suburban dweller could want-lakeside location, convenient shopping, quaint restaurants and major universities including Northwestern, one of the top business schools in the country.

Evanston has preserved much of its historical charm through such significant buildings as the Gross Point Lighthouse and the Charles Gates Dawes House. The village is home to numerous theaters, a symphony orchestra, five museums and several art galleries.

Tinkertoys, invented here in 1914, and the name “ice cream sundae,” both originated in Evanston. The “World’s Largest Garage Sale” occurs every year as well as the Fountain Square Arts Festival. A strong 150-year history, healthy offerings of the arts, a fantastic lakefront and a thriving business environment, make Evanston perfect for families, singles and retirees. If offers everything you’d want in a small town that’s close to the big city.

Glencoe, Illinois

Glencoe started out as an experiment to be the “perfect suburb.” And, it worked. Located 22 miles north of the Loop, Alexander Hammond, a retired physician and farmer led the quest to create a village with parks, homes and streets that follow the natural and beautiful topography of the land. His principles are still evident today with a rarely found suburban community that is actually more like a forest preserve. The central business district is dotted with small boutiques, cafes and professional services, giving it a true hometown feel.

Glencoe is part of the Lake Michigan shoreline and maintains a pristine beach, boating slips at Wilmette Harbor and two nature sanctuaries. Because of its bucolic setting and quaint downtown, Glencoe is ideal for families, young couples and retirees.

Glenview, Illinois 

Glenview has often been singled out for its desirable schools; it’s the only village in Illinois to have a high school, junior high school and elementary school all receive the Department of Education’s “National Excellence in Education” award. A scant 17 miles north of the Loop, Glenview provides a great place to raise a family. Among many other things, the Glenview Park District operates “The Grove,” an 82-acre nature preserve. The village is also home to the Kennicott Grove, a National Historic Landmark, which was the homestead of Dr. John Kennicott. The Village also contains one of the last working farms in Cook County, the Wagner farm – a local favorite with children. It is also the headquarters of Willow Lake Real Estate.

Highland Park, Illinois 

Highland Park is a thriving community diverse in its population and abundant in its educational, recreational and business opportunities. 23 miles north of Chicago, Highland Park hugs Lake Michigan for about five miles. Naturally abundant with ravines and wild flowers, the city has enhanced the community’s backdrop with a carefully planned approach to reforestation and public flower gardens. For more than 17 years, Highland Park has been awarded the prestigious and highest national honor, “Tree City USA.” The neighborhoods are filled with a perfect mix of housing ranging from historic colonials dating back to the mid-1800s to award-winning contemporaries and luxury condominiums.

At the southern end lies 36 acres of beautifully landscaped and wooded lands called Ravinia. Ravinia Festival is Highland Park’s world-class year ’round venue of the performing arts. It’s been attracting music lovers from around the world since 1899. More than 500,000 attend the festival’s 87-night summer season. Ravinia features a 3,300 seat stat-of-the-art pavilion, five gourmet restaurants and much more. The festival offers something for everyone including ballet, symphony, jazz and pop.

Lake Forest, Illinois 

Lake Forest is an upscale, beautiful family-centered town located 31 miles north of Chicago. Known for its winding, tree-lined streets and distinctive and stately homes, it has some of the best schools in Illinois.

The small town’s retail shopping includes a mix of shops, family-owned businesses and a few larger stores. The famed Market Square, built in 1916, was the first planned shopping mall in the country and is not the site for many local events. The beaches are attractive, well maintained and within easy walking distances to the community.

Lincolnshire, Illinois

Lincolnshire is located 38 miles from Chicago. The homes are on large lots-usually one-half acre or more. Most of the residential development is east of the Des Plaines River, which travels through Lincolnshire. West of the river, the residential population is complemented by a growing commercial and corporate office tax base.

Offering a wide variety of housing choices including single-family, town homes and condominiums makes Lincolnshire an ideal choice. Single family residential areas are protected from commercial and office areas, and are nestled among parks, forest preserve lands and designated open spaces. In recent surveys, the resident stated that the single most important thing to them in the Village is trees. Therefore, Lincolnshire has a strong Tree Preservation Ordinance. Lincolnshire is characterized by generous open spaces with high-quality and responsive public services, including state-of-the-art police department and a full range of public utility services.

The high school is award winning-three times! It’s the only public high school to win the coveted National Excellence Award so many times.

Northbrook, Illinois

The Village of Northbrook is located 25 miles north of downtown Chicago at the north border of Cook County. Situated east of the Tri-State Tollway (294), west and south of Interstate 94 (Edens Expressway) and on the Metra Commuter Line 40 minutes from Chicago, Northbrook has a premier transportation location.

The Village features high value residential and complementary commercial and retail development. Northbrook combines a strong diversification of employment in industry, commercial/retail and office development with its residential, educational, recreational and cultural amenities. The result is a thriving local economy and first class services for both businesses and residents.

With broad based sources of Village revenue, Northbrook has relatively low municipal tax rates but is able to provide a high level of government services.

Wilmette, Illinois

A handful of the North Shore’s villages vie to be recognized as the “best” the Northern suburbs has to offer; if Wilmette doesn’t take the cake, it comes close.

Just 15 miles north of the Loop, it offers both proximity to the City as well as beautifully manicured neighborhoods, diverse architecture, an extensive park district, of course beach access, and one of the finest school districts in the country.

These factors add up to make a wonderful community, but none can come close to the village’s crowning jewel: The Baha’i Temple. The nine-sided dome temple took forty years to complete, is surrounded by nine fountains and nine flower gardens, and draws tourists from all over the world.

Winnetka, Illinois

Just 18 miles north of Chicago and hugging Lake Michigan’s shoreline, Winnetka is located in the heart of one of the country’s most upscale areas. By offering quality, value and personal service, Winnetka’s business districts draw a sophisticated clientele from the surrounding communities. The name Winnetka, derived from an Indian word meaning “Beautiful Land,” captures the essence of this charming village which for over a hundred years ahs been regarded as one of the most prestigious locations on the North Shore.

Winnetka has a reputation as a solid, stable community, which reflects a comfortable blend of both the present and the past. Long-established business districts with the charming tree-lined streets, decorative brickwork, old-world architecture, convenient parking, careful landscaping and quiet corners to sit, make the village a delightful place to live.