Benefits of Real Estate Agents

Contracting a real estate agent to help buyers find the right home is an easy decision. Real estate agents add value to the home-buying process in many ways — and since sellers pay the agent’s commission, even the most experienced realtor does not cost the home buyer any money. Here are five reasons buyers should consider contracting a realtor before purchasing a home.

1. Realtors understand the buyers’ financial limitations.

Realtors know that the purchase price is only part of the equation. Buyers differ in their financial ability to invest in home repairs or upgrades. A realtor can advise buyers, who are often starry-eyed dreamers, if a home has a probability of high repair or maintenance costs. Realtors can also recommend a good home inspector and help interpret the subsequent inspection report. Finally, realtors know how to tread lightly when negotiating for pre-purchase repairs.

2. Realtors understand buyers’ desires.

As buyers look at houses, savvy realtors glean typical preferences. This information allows realtors to direct buyers to homes that are personally appealing. Often a realtor knows certain homes well enough to address these preferences, even before showing the homes. For example, a realtor may know that a particular house has needed space for a grand piano or that another has bedrooms that the buyers consider too small for their children. Personal guidance like this saves time and effort.

3. Realtors understand pricing.

Buyers need to know when a home is a great deal and when one is overpriced. Since realtors can contact other realtors and know where to download public records, they can discover exactly why a home is underpriced or overpriced. Perhaps a home is “a steal” because the seller must move to another state. Or perhaps, the underpriced home is not up to code and would require immediate renovation. Pricing is complex, and buyers need to be aware of the “whys” behind it.

4. Realtors interact with outside parties on the buyers’ behalf.

This means a realtor conducts negotiations with sellers, sets up home inspection appointments and even arranges for closing. Home buying is an emotionally charged transaction. Having a cool-headed realtor negotiate instead of the buyer usually yields beneficial results.

5. Realtors effectively handle paperwork.

Buying a home creates mounds of paperwork that could easily confuse even experienced buyers. Using a realtor is a good way to minimize mistakes. Realtors repeatedly handle these documents. Therefore, realtors are very familiar with them. In addition, a good realtor will be able to advise buyers when considering any document alterations, such as counter-offers. Having someone familiar with the paperwork is an invaluable asset.